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Ummmmm, hot wings!
March 22, 2007, 8:05 pm
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On the surface, sitting with a bunch of dudes eating hotwings is not a super-spiritual activity.  However, if you dig just beyond the surface you can see Jesus working.  Jesus liked to break bread with his peeps.  He broke bread with thousands.  It seems as if nearly every miracle He did envolved food.  Which brings me to the miracle of the buffalo/hot wing.  All I can say is, Jesus has a habit of showing up when I see a big steaming plate of wings.  I am really stretching here…

 Last night was ‘Man Night’.  We ate at a local wing establishment and had a great time.  There were twelve or thirteen of us and it was a good time.  We bumped our gums about The Longhorns, the Texans (they just traded for a QB) and our wives.  How is this spiritual?  How is this Godly?  Well, we were building relationships.  We were getting to know each other.  We were loving our brothers.  We were also gaining about 5 pounds, but who’s counting.

All I am saying is, get out and eat with someone.  If Jesus did it, I think we should.  (And if they had them back then, I bet He’d eat Him some wings!)


March 21, 2007, 7:32 pm
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World Adult Kickball Association.  That is what WAKA stands for.  Yes, it does exist and yes, I am a part of it.  Last night marked the start of a new season of kickball for me and my fellow co-workers.  A new season of acting like children, kicking a red, rubber ball as hard as we can, throwing them as hard as we can (not because we want to hurt someone), and big strawberries on our legs from sliding into the bases with shorts on.

 It really is a good time.  It is a good way to get to know people you wouldn’t normally hang around from work.  It is a REAL good way to learn about people’s character, even your own.  I learned last night (for the umpteenth time) that I am way too competitive.  I push myself beyond my physical ability until I feel like I have been run over by a truck….and then the driver backs up, runs me over again and then peels out, leaving me riddled with gravel.  That’s how I felt last night.  God bless my wife for rubbing my feet!

There is a spiritual lesson to be learned from kickball…at least I think so.  Sometimes, as a Christian, we forget that our abilities will only take us so far.  We push and push until we get hurt or someone else gets hurt.  Sometimes we push for our friends to meet Jesus, sometimes it is so that our walk with God will improve.  We can only do so much without God.  Trying to do it while being unprepared (not prayed-up, not read-up) will leaving you feeling like me after kickball.  Thank God He is always there to pick us up.  And I think if you asked Him, He would even massage our feet to make us feel better.

See you tomorrow when I try to bring something spiritual into eating hotwings!  I am thinking of titling it “Hellfire in your gut”.

March 19, 2007, 10:31 pm
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There are many great “firsts”. These are firsts that give you that sense of accomplishment you can brag about at the water cooler. First place in the church fantasy football league is good. First in line for the latest and greatest video game system might be your bag. That first new shiny red Corvette, well, need I say more? None of these pertain to me (and I am bitter about the fantasy football league but I’ll blog about that later.)

Then there are the firsts that stretch you a bit. The first workout after a few years of over-eating…err…not working out. The first couple of days after quitting that terrible habit your said you’d quit on January 1st. The first faith-fueled move to a new city to start over because God said to do it. These are the “firsts” I am talking about.

Today I am starting a “first”. This is the first blog entry for “Filter”, the youth ministry at Legacy Fellowship. I am the youth guy. You can call me Dave. This being the first entry, I will get the confessions out of the way. I have been resting on my laurels for weeks, maybe even months about this. Forgive me, I am slow. But I will make it up to you. This will be a very coolish blogspot.

This is the first blog post of the first youth ministry I have been deemed responsible enough to lead. When someone forgets about God’s grace, remember this. For it is only because of His good grace that I am where I am today, and I am thankful.

This is the first blog post of the first youth ministry I have lead that is part of the first church-plant I have been a part of.

I am preparing for lots of stretching. I am preparing for lots of growth. I am preparing to Filter through this life.

God bless.