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I saw a parable on the Far Side Calendar
August 7, 2007, 8:17 am
Filed under: Daily Living, God is good, Learning my trade, Life Happens, On the calendar

I read a funny the other day.  It was the August, 4th tear-out page from the Far Side Calendar.  The picture was of five guys in the jungle, four with mouths agape and one upside-down, impaled through the torso with a crude, jungle-native trap.  The quote at the bottom read, “That’s why I never walk in front.”  So I have a bit of a morbid sense humor.  It was funny, and if you saw it you would laugh a little too.

My point for bring this up and bringing you a bit closer to understanding David’s Id is because it reminds me of my own behavior.  I constantly want to take charge of my life.  I want to go full speed ahead with my hair on fire.  My flesh has no regard for my life other than what feels good.  However, as we all know, what feels good is not always what is best for us.  We can look throughout history and see that.  Look how many homes are destroyed by alcohol abuse, directly and indirectly.  Smoking kills thousands, maybe millions every day.  Sexual immorality will get you slowly and painfully.  All these things feel pretty good, I guess.  All these things temporarily fill a void in our lives.  The only thing/person that can fill that void permanently is Jesus Christ.

Jesus is a lamp unto my feet.  I prayed for that this morning.  I want Him to go before me and light my path.  I want Him to direct me in the right direction.  I don’t want to go headlong into a trap that the devil has set for me. 

Jesus, today I ask that you would walk out in front.  I pray that you light the path you have laid before me.  I pray that you protect me from the enemy’s attacks.  Thank you Father.  Amen.


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