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Bad Medicine
January 18, 2008, 9:33 am
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This weekend and the early part this week was pretty brutal for me.  I was sick; so sick that I went to the doctor.  Normally I just suck it up or just stay at home and rest.  Not this time.   

So I am prescribed a couple of drugs to help with the problem.  I take them to the pharmacy where I am informed I will have to wait 45 minutes to an hour.  Oh well, I am at H-E-B Plus so I can pick up some provisions.  When I am finished with my shopping and my prescriptions are ready I go to pick them up.  “The pharmacist would like to talk to you about these medicines,” says the friendly assistant. 

I move to the neighboring window and the pharmacist approaches with two amber colored bottles.  Big ones.  I am thinking to myself, “Self, how long do you have to take these pills?”  Not too long, actually.  Oh no, these are horse pills, they just need big bottles to hold them.  The pharmacist exclaims emphatically, and I paraphrase to spare the details, “These will help control some of the symptoms of your problem.  Take two, every six hours as needed.  They will help you feel a lot better.”  Easy enough.  “Now, this antibiotic is really strong and is going to work very well.  It is not a very pleasant medicine.  It is going to leave a bit of a metallic taste in your mouth.  And, make sure you take it with food because if you don’t you will throw it up.”  Okay!?! 

Today is four days later.  I am now able to translate her pharmacist jargon.  “Medicine that works tastes terrible so suck it up.  You are going to gag a little when you take it and for the next 5 days your mouth is going to taste like you have been sucking on an aluminum lollypop.  Enjoy.”


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