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Well, that’s one way to remain humble
February 13, 2008, 5:08 pm
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Do you remember as a child poking fun at people by saying something like, “If you look up ‘dork’ in the dictionary you will find Chad’s picture?”  (I could be talking about my friend (who reads this blog) or my brother (who doesn’t know I have a blog), I’ll never tell.)  I remember doing that kind of stuff.  I once looked up “cool” only to find my picture.  Okay, maybe not. 

Today, I checked how people are finding my blog.  Apparently, if you type “total geek” into Google you will find me and my blog.  Ouch!


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You know, if you’re going to call me a dork in public you could at least do it along with a link to my blog.

Common courtesy, man.

Chad (the geek, not dork)

Comment by Chad Wright

That was a hypothetical. I even pointed out that I may be talking about my friend or my bro. I should have written that I may not be talking about either one of you. Jeez! Someone is having dilusions of grandure. Dork.

Comment by David

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