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Quote of the day
July 19, 2008, 5:05 pm
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From Winkie Pratney’s sermon, “The Bible is Full of Mistakes”

“God did not write the Bible….

       ….For those who like to examine good without doing it.”


Jesus Digs the Long Ball

Last night’s Home Run Derby was fantastic.  Well, round one was fantastic.  Josh Hamilton’s 28 home runs, including 13 in 13 swings, were, dare I say, Ruthian.  It was wonderful watching someone that has overcome so much do so well.  95 RBI by the All-Star break and then 28 homers in one round of the Derby!  What next?  A 200 RBI season?  MVP?  It’s way too early to say but it’s fun to speculate.


What I loved most about the Derby last night was Josh’s acknowledgement of Jesus in the interview with Erin Andrews.  “I’d like to thank my savior Jesus Christ for this opportunity and I give Him all the glory.”  That is awesome!  He was on a HUGE stage last night and could have taken every bit of credit for himself but chose to give the glory to Jesus, his source. 


I was already a Josh Hamilton after hearing his story early in the season.  I had a hunch that it was the redemptive power of Christ that turned his life around.  However, my wife had no idea who this cat was and now she is a fan.  She even got a little misty over the whole thing. 


Way to go Josh!  And thanks, maybe now she’ll let me watch baseball when she’s around.