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New Opportunity
August 20, 2008, 11:29 am
Filed under: Ministry, Prayer, Relationships, Religion

It is official; I am no longer the Youth Pastor of Legacy Fellowship.  Well, it’s not official until the first of the month, I guess.  I am finishing up the month as the Youth Pastor and then Tony, the Lead Pastor at Legacy is going to take it over until someone new is appointed.  Tony is a long-time youth guy and I know he will do a lot better than I ever did at the position.


So, how did I come to this?  Was I fired?  Did I quit?  Well, God did it.  My wife and I have been feeling for a long time that we were just not in the right position.  It was a grind for us to do anything associated with ministry because we were trudging in a ministry that was no longer our calling.  I believe we were called to the ministry and we were supposed to serve in that capacity for a season.  The season is now coming to an end.  Tony knew it too.


It came up in conversation when Cheri and I were having dinner over at Tony and Kandy’s.  We were just talking and as the layers were pealed back (like an onion, we have many) I decided I would come forth and be completely honest.  I told him I didn’t feel like we were supposed to be doing youth ministry anymore.  I also explained that I was certain I knew where we should be serving but that the position wasn’t really a high priority at this time. 


After we all talked and gave feedback it was decided that we would move into a new position.  Apparently, Tony didn’t share the same opinion about it not being a high priority and new Cheri and I are the Connections Pastors at Legacy.


What is a Connections Pastor, you ask?  We are going to be in charge of the Usher Team, the Reception Team (we will have one soon or this may fall under Hospitality), Living Rooms (Legacy’s small groups), Men’s Ministry, Prayer Ministry and Legacy Athletics (yeah, that’s coming after I heal up a bit).  Cheri and I will share in responsibilities of Living Rooms, Reception and Athletics.  I will head the Men’s Ministry and Usher Team and Cheri will head the Prayer Ministry.  I can’t wait to see how it all works out and I can’t wait to see who God brings along to fill the many spots we will have on these ministry teams. 


I also can’t wait until God appoints the next Youth Pastor.  As excited as I am to be moving forward in my new area of ministry I can’t help but feel a bit down about leaving the youth.  We weren’t complete failures, I guess.  We just weren’t the right fit.  I am praying now for the next person to be the perfect fit for our church and for our youth.


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