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Code Talkers

Legacy Fellowship is not quite big enough to support a paid staff so we all volunteer our time and work full-time jobs as well.  I sell home and commercial security systems for a large company.  Safety and the feeling it provides is priceless (of course, if you live in the Austin area and you email me, I can provide it quite reasonably).


My Dad is a retired Houston Police Officer of 22 years.  His idea of home security is a little different.  He gave me a home security system last week in the form of a 4” blue steel Ruger GP-100 .357 Magnum.


So, I was cleaning my new home security device and I thought, “You know, it would be kind of cool if someone called me while I am cleaning my gun and asked me what I am doing.”  About two minutes later Chad called me and asked, “Hey man, what are you doing?”


“Cleaning my gun,” I exclaimed.


“Cleaning your gun?”


“Yes, cleaning my gun.”


Rebecca (Chad’s wife), sounding somewhat concerned, somewhat sarcastic, asks, “Uhhh, do you need to call him back?” 


I reply, “What?  No, it’s cool.  I have you on speaker.”


“Oh, so ‘cleaning my gun’ isn’t code for something else then?”


“No, but that would have be a good one.”


Shut My Mouth

I went to my friend’s house the other day only to find him working.  It was about eleven o’clock at night.  My friend is a bit of a workaholic to say the least.  I would recon that he stayed in his temple worshipping office working for another hour or so.  I even said as much but even less Jesus-like and a lot snider. 


I thought about this for a while and realized that I have a major character flaw here.  I prayed this morning for my friend and while I was praying I told God that I knew for certain that I was jacked up too and I hope some jacked up person out there was praying for me too. 


As I prayed and prayed I resolved to stop being such a jerk.  People think sarcasm is funny; the people using it.  The people at the butt of sarcastic jokes don’t think they are that funny.  I’m relatively vertically challenged and have been the butt of several jokes about it.  For years I hated the jokes but learned to not care grew thick skin. 


I am supposed to be a Godly man.  I don’t want people to learn to put up their guard when they see me coming.  I want them to know that I am not going to bring up their character flaws and/or sin and throw it in their faces.  I want them to know that I will certainly pray for their problems.  I want them to know that I don’t consider myself any better than them. 


How on earth am I going to do this?

Do I Really Care What You Drive?
May 2, 2008, 8:06 am
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I had breakfast with an old friend the other day and we were talking about cars.  He has this theory about cars and it is why he drives his until the wheels fall off. 


I’ll paraphrase here because I can’t remember exactly but here goes:


If I am so concerned about what kind of car I am driving and how I look while I am driving it then I am not really focusing on what other people are driving, am I?  I have a good feeling almost everyone on the road is like me and thinking about themselves and how they look too.  If that is the case, then nobody really notices me and my car so why should I care so much about it?”


Good theory.  If we all thought about this a little would we really care about the car we drive or the clothes we wear or what we have in general?  I don’t know, I just think we should take the focus off of ourselves from time to time and bless others with what we are spending on ourselves. 


I am talking to myself here big time.

There are some things I just don’t want to know
March 19, 2008, 9:06 am
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For some reason people seemed to want to tell me things yesterday that I felt I had no business knowing.  A dude at work went into exhausting detail about his weekend.  There were some crazy and terribly sad things that happened to him this weekend and I guess he just wanted to talk to someone.  The thing is I can’t remember a time that we have said more than four words to each other in the two-plus years I have been working with him.  Needless to say, I was a bit surprised by his frankness and I am saddened by what happened to him. 

Last night was a little different.  My wife and I had an appointment at a place that was near the place of work of someone we kind of know.  We were a little early so we stopped in and said hi.  Now this is a man that I know is going through some junk but I didn’t know how bad it really is.  He told us the things he is going through without going into a lot of detail.  My heart hurt so badly for him because I know he has tried to open up to me before.  I don’t know if I was closed to the opportunity or responsibility of knowing what I know now but I just never gave him the opportunity to talk to me.   

As I was writing the previous paragraph another coworker came up and told me about some issues he is having at home.  He went into detail too.  Sheesh!  At least I actually know this guy. 

I don’t know why I am writing about this.  I guess God is training me to be a good listener or something but my flesh doesn’t want the responsibility of knowing things like this.  My flesh doesn’t want the responsibility of having to pray for these people.  I just want to live in my private little “David World”.  However, God wants me to listen and pray for these people.  God wants me to set me selfishness aside and actually listen when people talk instead of faking it.   

So, does this kind of thing happen to you?  If so, what do you do about it?

A Hard Call to Make
March 18, 2008, 10:39 am
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I recently learned that a long-time friend of my parents, and a lady I love very much, has stage 4 cancer.  She is currently undergoing intense chemotherapy.  It has been quite a while since I have seen her and she has been on my heart for several months.  I have wanted to call her or take some time to go see her when I went home to visit my folks but I just haven’t.  I sucked hearing this news all the more because of this. 

I called her yesterday and if you didn’t already know she has cancer you wouldn’t know by hearing her talk.  She was in the same high spirits I remember her being in every time I saw her.  I was thankful for that because I tend to turn into a rubbery, slobbering mess when I am met with these kinds of situations.  She said she was going to do her due diligence and she would let God do His if He saw fit to keep her here for a little while longer. 

I admire her strength and faith.  She said she appreciated it so much that I called her and that I had no idea how much it meant to her.  I told her I was praying for her and I loved her and I gave her a hard time about the Dallas Cowboys (she’s a fan, I am not).  It was almost like old times.  I don’t know what my phone call did for her but I know I felt so much better hearing how good she sounded.   

It has me thinking: do I have faith like that?  Is my attitude that positive?  Who else do I need to call? 

Who do you need to call?

Old Friends

An old friend of mine came to visit from out of town yesterday.  It was really good to see him.  We met around 1:00 and had a great lunch at Bombay Bistro, a fantastic Indian restaurant.  We talked about watching a movie but we opted to take a drive down Lime Creek Road and Volente Road to take some pictures of Lake Travis.  In case you didn’t know, it is absolutely beautiful in Austin?  When we finished with that we went back to my house and were going to watch a movie but decided to jam on some Guitar Hero 3 instead.  It was his first time and he didn’t suck that badly.  It was a lot of fun. 

He was doing some work for my church so I dropped him off and went to hang out at the driving range for Man Night.  I pulled out my old friends, the Cleveland TA5’s and my 10 degree, firm-flex Great Big Bertha 2 or, as I like to call her, “The Thunder Rod”.  It had been nearly two years since I swung a golf club and man did it feel good…and frustrating.  I hit some pretty great shots.  I hit a few drives that were pushing 300 yards.  I also hit a lot of crappy shots.  I hit a few drives that when about 10 yards forward and 100 yards left.  It was still fun. 

It is good to see old friends.  It is good to see the old friends you can talk to and have a good time shredding with.  It is good to see the old friends you can throw over your shoulder then unleash a serious whoopin’ on a little white ball.  Well, these were yellow but aren’t most men color blind anyway? 

I like hanging out with old friends.

No such thing as an anonymous gift these days
March 6, 2008, 9:00 am
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If you ever do something for someone and you want it to be anonymous make sure no one sees you.  I did something for a friend of mine at work the other day.  I didn’t want him to know who did it so I just left it in his mailbox.  I didn’t want him to feel obligated to “owe” me anything, you know?  Anyway, there was one person in the building when I dropped it in his mailbox and that person happened to be sitting right in front of the mailboxes.  I asked him, “Please don’t tell him who did this.”  Apparently, what he heard was, “Make sure he knows who did this” because when my friend was asking around the dude said, “Oh yeah, that one guy in sales told me to make sure you knew it was him.”  Sheesh!