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September 26, 2008, 1:41 pm
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I just drove back from my doctor’s office…with BOTH HANDS!!!  I am not out of the sling.  The following is a transcription of the conversation going on in my head right now:


David’s Id, “I am going to celebrate tonight!”


David’s Ego and Super-Ego, “How so?”


Id, “By dousing the sling in gasoline and setting it on fire!!!”


Ego, “I wouldn’t do that.”


Super-Ego, “Hrrrmmmm.  Could be fun if not entirely logical.”


Id, “Shut up, I’m burning it.”


Ego, “Well, with the Fuller propensity for injury being considered, you may want to reconsider; you never when we may need it again.”


Id, “Ugh!”


Super-Ego, “You are probably right.  However, if and when we need it again I am sure we will be charged for a new one.  BURN THE STINKING THING!!!”


Party tonight!


Why Kickball Needs More Feet and Fewer Tongues

We played another kickball game last night.  We played against one of THOSE teams.  You know the team, the kind that likes to talk.  A lot.  Most of the talk was just minor ribbing in an attempt to take our heads out of the game but after a few innings things began to get personal.  There are a couple of guys on my team that have a tendency to let things get under their skin and things began to escalate around the fifth inning.


Right around the fifth or sixth inning we began scoring a few more runs.  After my friend crossed the plate some of the opposing team’s fans (yes, the sport of kickball has fans) began heckling him and he simply said, “Scoreboard.”  I believe it was followed by an expletive of which the correct usage would be for a female canine. 


Apparently, they had heckled him pretty good but what he didn’t know was one of the hecklers was a 13 year old kid.  The father of the child was on the opposing team and he was fairly bent.


At the end of the game, a 9-2 victory for the undefeated BTS Inferno (again, I didn’t make up the name) we always line up to shake, bump, slap hands and say “good game”.  I knew that had the potential to be ugly and it was.  Fortunately, nothing more than some gum-bumping went on.  I don’t think anybody wanted to fight; they just wanted to stick their chest out and let us (especially my friend) know who the tough and cool kids on the block were.  I had talked to my friend during the seventh inning in an attempt to cool him off.  They have no idea what kind of bear they were about to wake up and I am glad he kept his head.


He tried to explain and apologize at the end of the game.  He was contrite and said he got caught up in the heat of the moment and he knew he shouldn’t be acting like that.  They were having none of it.  Finger wagging and scary head nodding was done and then they left.


What started off as simple ribbing nearly ended up in fisticuffs.  What a shame, I mean it’s kickball for crying out loud, not…well…soccer.  Out of the twenty or so people that were on the field I think about half of us kept our mouths shut.  I really wanted to pop of once or twice but I know that I have a witness to uphold and I know what the tongue can do.


James 3:5-6

5Likewise the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. 6The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.

When “Closest to the Pin” Can’t Win
April 8, 2008, 7:45 am
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My company sponsored a “Closest to the Pin” contest at a local chamber of commerce golf tournament yesterday.  We offered $150 for closest, $75 for 2nd and $25 for 3rd.  The winning distance was 14’2 1/2”.  Are you kidding me?  You’re telling me that out of 17 teams consisting of four players each (that’s 68 for the mathematically challenged) the closest anyone could get to the pin on a 140 yard par 3 is FOURTEEN FEET!?!?!



Well, the closest eligible player was fourteen feet away.  I decided to take a hack at it while there was a little gap in foursomes.  According to the spotter I hit it about 8-10’ from the pin and with a little backspin causing the ball to roll within four feet of the hole.  I want my $150!!! 



Sometimes working for the man can suck.   

Lovely Weekend
April 7, 2008, 8:24 am
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I took off Thursday and Friday to take my truck down to Houston to get the transmission overhauled.  I loaded my beautiful Honda 919 in the back with plans to go for a ride with my uncle on Friday and then ride back to Austin on Saturday.  Want to make God laugh?  Tell Him your plans.



I got to my folks house about 3:00 PM with and itchy throat.  No big deal.  My Dad and I dropped off my truck about an hour later and my brother came to pick us up…an hour and a half later!!!  Anyway, we went to play disc golf which is always fun.  It’s the only sport other than skiing that we all like to do together. 



Friday morning finally came.  Oh, glorious Friday.  I was totally looking forward to hoping on the bike and cruising.  What happened while I sleep just wouldn’t allow it.  Apparently, a runaway locomotive came off its track and collided with my chest turning my lungs into sandpaper and phlegm and my limbs into worthless, painful obstructions to sleep.  I couldn’t sleep but I was never quite awake either.  I haven’t had a case of the flu this badly since I was in the 5th grade.



So my plans for the weekend were toast, how about yours?

A Hard Call to Make
March 18, 2008, 10:39 am
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I recently learned that a long-time friend of my parents, and a lady I love very much, has stage 4 cancer.  She is currently undergoing intense chemotherapy.  It has been quite a while since I have seen her and she has been on my heart for several months.  I have wanted to call her or take some time to go see her when I went home to visit my folks but I just haven’t.  I sucked hearing this news all the more because of this. 

I called her yesterday and if you didn’t already know she has cancer you wouldn’t know by hearing her talk.  She was in the same high spirits I remember her being in every time I saw her.  I was thankful for that because I tend to turn into a rubbery, slobbering mess when I am met with these kinds of situations.  She said she was going to do her due diligence and she would let God do His if He saw fit to keep her here for a little while longer. 

I admire her strength and faith.  She said she appreciated it so much that I called her and that I had no idea how much it meant to her.  I told her I was praying for her and I loved her and I gave her a hard time about the Dallas Cowboys (she’s a fan, I am not).  It was almost like old times.  I don’t know what my phone call did for her but I know I felt so much better hearing how good she sounded.   

It has me thinking: do I have faith like that?  Is my attitude that positive?  Who else do I need to call? 

Who do you need to call?

I talked to my wife this weekend
February 25, 2008, 8:39 am
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My wife and I drove into Houston for a friend’s wedding this weekend.  It was a whirlwind and I am worn out but I am glad we went.  Congratulations to the happy couple: Joel and Heather. 

A funny thing happened Saturday night on our drive home.  We didn’t turn on the radio.  Not once.  The drive takes almost three hours and we didn’t turn on the radio.  Really.  So, what did we do you ask?  We talked.  **crickets sounding** 

That’s right folks; my wife and I talked for nearly three hours all the way home and it was great.  I am not much of a talker unless I really have something to say.  Apparently, I had a lot on my mind.  For me to control even half of the conversation would mean I talked for an hour and a half.  That’s a lot of talking for me.  I don’t think we have talked like that since before we were married.   

There were several things revealed to me in that conversation.  I found that I am a pretty bad youth pastor.  The more we talked about our ministry (especially the past) the more I realized just how bad it has been.  I learned that I have a tendency to take on a victim mentality.  That one hurt.  I also learned that I am one prideful dude.  I have always fancied myself to be very humble, respectful and considerate.  It was revealed to me that I have a lot of pride about just how respectful and considerate I am.  That one really hurt.  The thing about it that’s funny is she wasn’t the one that pointed these things about.  She just let me talk and when I came to the conclusions myself she just listened and encouraged me.  I love my wife.  It is so great to have a godly woman as my wife.  I think I am going to try to talk to her more often…but about happy stuff.

God: the HGH Alternative
February 19, 2008, 8:32 am
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My friend Joel is getting married this weekend.  He is a great guy and he is marrying a nice girl.  I pray for the best for them.  I just found out yesterday that the wedding is taking place at my old church and my former pastor is performing the ceremony.  I am not real excited about that.  The relationship I once had with most of the leadership of that church was unfortunately severed and though I have forgiven them and moved on it is still uncomfortable.   

My little brother, Chad, is serving Joel as one of his groom’s men.  I know he accepted the honor gladly but I also know he is definitely not looking forward to it.  The severance that took place involved my brother, my former pastor and a few other people.  I believe Chad has forgiven them (or at least he thinks he has) but I don’t think he has moved on completely.  It is going to be really hard for him to do this.  The thing is, he is going to do it and he is going to do it gladly.  Why?  Because this wedding is not about him, it’s about his friend. 

Why do I even bring this up?  To work out my own junk for one thing, but besides that, I was just thinking about how God puts us in situations that may not be comfortable or easy for us so that we can rely on Him to get us through them.  I know Chad is going to have to be prayed up before he can go into that church and humbly serve his friend without making an issue about his issues.  He is going to have to rely on God to do that; and that’s partially because my family (excluding me of course) is not exactly known for humility.  But when we are weak, He is strong. 

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” – 2 Corinthians 12:9