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D-FENSE!! D-FEN…Oh, who am I kidding?
September 7, 2008, 3:20 pm
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Will someone please put a helmet of Tony Romo?  Seriously people!  Tony Romo is feeling about as much pressure from the Cleveland Browns as I feel to clean a truck stop toilet.  He has enough time to brew an espresso and eat some crumpets, much less complete a pass to Terrell Owens.  Arrrgggghhhhh!!!


Is it okay to hate the Cowboys since they are a team, and entity if you will, and not an individual person?


[I’m just really bent that my Texans just got THROTTLED!]


Weekend Observations

The Patriots are the best team I have seen.  Ever. 

I might just be The Patriots of “Scene It.”

The Houston Texans are starting to look good.  Can’t wait till next year. 

Ryan Grant and Earnest Graham are the real deal.  They are also great fantasy players.  They were also on my bench, scoring 22 and 21 points respectively while my starters, Steven Jackson and Adrian Peterson, score 7 and 0 points. 

I still hate the Cowboys.  Maybe even more so today after that ridiculously lucky touchdown pass Tony Romo threw. 

I love The Salt Lick.  I’d love it even more if they didn’t have The Cowboys on a giant plasma right in front of me. 

I love having people stay with us for the weekend.  I love being able to open my home and entertain.  That’s why God has blessed us with a home. 

I love those same people even more when they get to go home. 

I love things in small doses…unless it’s chocolate…or mashed potatoes…or meat.

Living Rooms
October 15, 2007, 8:26 am
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Last night my wife and I hosted our first “Living Room” at our home.  “Living Rooms” are our churches group night.  We have one a month, usually on the first Sunday of the month.  This month we had to have it on the second for one reason or another.  So, basically a handful of people go to each host’s home, we sit around eating and talking for an hour or two and go home.  It is a great time to get to know folks in the church a little better.  Relationships are hard to build in the 15 minutes people hang out after church is over.  Of course, with our church folks loiter around for an hour sometimes, or until we get the cattle prods out and make them leave.  Then we all have lunch together.  But that is beside the point. 

My point is, “Living Rooms” are wonderful.  I really enjoy going to them.  Now that I have hosted one, I will really appreciate the next one I go to.  I don’t know if we just blow things way out of proportion or we were just really busy with other things this weekend too, but I am beat.  It is hard work preparing for people to come to your home.  We cleaned from top to bottom and from side to side.  My yard is perfectly manicured, as are the trees, flowerbeds and the dog. 

What’s more?  No dudes showed up last night!  I was in a house chockfull of estrogen.  Not that it was terrible hanging with a bunch of chicks but if a dude were there I could have snuck off to watch the Patriots lay the smack down on the Cowgirls.  But no, they I even caught them turning the TV off while I was outside grilling.  Can you believe it? 

So, next month, if we host another “Living Room” I need dudes at my house.  I want to see the Eagles whoop the ‘Girls this time.  Dallas losing every time they play on Sunday night, now that could be a great tradition.

Monday on Tuesday

Ahhh, Monday.  Wait, it’s Tuesday, not Monday.  It sure feels like a Monday.  Of course, there was Monday Night Football last night (more on that later).  I should feel better that I do on Mondays.  But today is my Monday.  I just came back to work from a four day weekend, 3 of which were spent in San Antonio and 1 was spent on a Honda 919 and overlooking Ink’s Lake with my folks.  It was wonderful and I felt recharged and refreshed…last night. 

The weekend was good.  I finally got my new helmet.  I bought and Arai Vector (web design) this time.  Let me tell you, the difference in price is great.  The average HJC costs around $150-200.  The average Arai is a little bit more than that.  But the difference in comfort and ventilation is absolutely AMAZING!!!  I had no idea what I was missing for the last two years.  I thought helmets were supposed to be miserably hot and loud with little ventilation and almost not comfort.  Boy was I wrong.  I just learned that when protecting your noggin you can’t skip.  If you do, it’s just not going to be very comfortable. 

While we were in San Antonio we ate great.  Friday night we ate at Mi Tierra.  It was pretty darn good food.  Saturday morning we ate at Schilo’s Delicatessen.  The food was excellent.  We ate at Landry’s Saturday night.  Another fine meal.  But Sunday, oh Sunday.  Breakfast at Tito’s.  OH.  MY.  GOSH!!!  I had something call Machacado (barbacoa scrabbled in eggs with Pico de Gallo).  Be breakfast ever.  Bar none. 

As you can clearly see, I love food.  It is wonderful entertainment to me.  I need to stop loving it cause I am gonna get fat.  But I love it.  If you need a restaurant recommendation, I am your man. 

My wife and I did a lot of talking over the weekend too.  If you ask her I am sure it wasn’t a lot, but to me it was loads.  And we didn’t just talk; I think we hashed some things out that really needed to be hashed out.  There is still more to talk about but I have used up all my words for the week. 

Yesterday Cheri went back to work and I went for a ride to see my folks.  I hung out with them for several hours.  It was nice. 

But them Tony Romo took me on a roller coaster ride.  You see, I loathe the Dallas Cowboys.  I was born with a “Luv ya Blue” birthmark.  I can’t root for Dallas.  I am a Houstonian, born and bread.  Tony Romo throws 5 interceptions and fumbles once, the Cowboys lose, right?  NO!!!  The lowly Buffalo Bills can’t score 1 offensive touchdown and they lose the game to a rookie kicker!!!  A rookie!!!  A kicker!!!  Even the evil empire that is the New York Yankees losing couldn’t cheer me up from that.  I think I am going to be sick. 

Then this morning, oh, the pain.  I hate when I set an appointment with someone and they don’t show up, especially if they don’t call to let me know.  Nothing chaps my hide more.  Well, almost nothing.  That happened to me this morning, only I did it to someone else.  I am a jerk sometimes.  So I am going to buy a Palm Trio that has Outlook on it.  And I am even going to use it.