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D-FENSE!! D-FEN…Oh, who am I kidding?
September 7, 2008, 3:20 pm
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Will someone please put a helmet of Tony Romo?  Seriously people!  Tony Romo is feeling about as much pressure from the Cleveland Browns as I feel to clean a truck stop toilet.  He has enough time to brew an espresso and eat some crumpets, much less complete a pass to Terrell Owens.  Arrrgggghhhhh!!!


Is it okay to hate the Cowboys since they are a team, and entity if you will, and not an individual person?


[I’m just really bent that my Texans just got THROTTLED!]


Weekend Observations

The Patriots are the best team I have seen.  Ever. 

I might just be The Patriots of “Scene It.”

The Houston Texans are starting to look good.  Can’t wait till next year. 

Ryan Grant and Earnest Graham are the real deal.  They are also great fantasy players.  They were also on my bench, scoring 22 and 21 points respectively while my starters, Steven Jackson and Adrian Peterson, score 7 and 0 points. 

I still hate the Cowboys.  Maybe even more so today after that ridiculously lucky touchdown pass Tony Romo threw. 

I love The Salt Lick.  I’d love it even more if they didn’t have The Cowboys on a giant plasma right in front of me. 

I love having people stay with us for the weekend.  I love being able to open my home and entertain.  That’s why God has blessed us with a home. 

I love those same people even more when they get to go home. 

I love things in small doses…unless it’s chocolate…or mashed potatoes…or meat.